KHLOÉNOVA Spa Handmade Natural Body Mineral Mud


KHLOÉNOVA Spa Handmade Natural Body Mineral Mud is used depending on the indications, can be applied to the whole body, to the unhealthy and problem body areas locally, muscles, and joints. The whole mud procedure is used for metabolism acceleration, overweight reduction, skin, and the whole organism rejuvenation.

It’s a great means of coping with stress, overfatigue, muscle tension, and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Procedures are carried out daily or every other day (10 procedures).

SKIN BENEFITS: Helps clear blemished skin complexions and clogged pores.

      WAY TO USE: Take a bath before the mud procedure (with soap). Warm up the necessary for the procedure quantity of the mud in the microwave or water bath till the temperature 38-40 °C (degree Celsius). Apply the mud to the body (excluding the heart area and thyroid gland region). Wrap yourself up in a  polyethylene bed sheet or a cling film like an „envelope” and on top of it all wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Take a rest listening to relaxing music for 20 minutes.

      After the it is necessary to wash off the mud thoroughly in a bath with warm water without the detergents. Apply the nourishing body yogurt afterward.

      This body mud is not designed for the face. Keep in the original package in a dry and dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

      INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Peloid (Organic Mud), Maris Sal.


      MADE IN EU